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XHV-02 Bursting Strength Tester

XHV-02 Burst Strength Tester conforms to relevant standards .It uses pneumatic or manual clamping sample , digital display and applies to measure bursting strength of paper , corrugated cardboard, leather, fabric and other sheet materials .

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Executive standards 

ISO 2758, ISO 2759, JIS-P8112, L1018, ASTM-D2210, TAPPI-T403

Characters of xhv-02 bursting strength tester: 

1.Adopt pneumatic or Manual clamping sample and USA microcomputer control technology, color touch screen display and the functions of test date processing and printout .

2.Use stainless steel measurement head, precision screw driven, Aluminum-alloy panel, good quality copper oil cylinder.

3.  Use Silicon oil as the driving force to break the specimen to keep mahine always clean.

4. When the specimen is broken, it automatically stores maximum. 

5. It have statistic function.

6. Modern design concept of electro-mechanical integration , it has compact structure ,elegant appearance and convenient maintenance.


XHV-02 Bursting Strength Tester:

A Model: 50-1200Kpa 

B Model: 250-6000Kpa 

Precision: 0.2%

Supplied with its necessary accessories (corresponding air compressor, electric cable, special wrench, aluminum foil, 2 membranes, roll of printer paper).

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