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XHV-14 Paper Cardboard Thickness Gauge Tester

The XHV-14 Paper and Corrugated Board thickness tester is special apparatus to measure the thickness of paper and cardboard, widely used in paper, cardboard and other sheet materials. It's the essential equipment for the paper and package manufactory, research and inspection department.

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 Standards : ISO 534, ISO3034

Technical Parameter:
                                      A                 B                    C                   D                    E
Measurement range (0-4)mm       (0-4)mm        (0-4)mm    (0-18)mm       (0-18)mm
Dividing Value            0 .01mm          0.01mm         0.001mm     0.01mm           0.01mm
Contact Pressure   (100±10)kPa  (100±10)kPa   (100±10)kPa ( 20±0.5)kPa (20±0.5)kPa
Contact Area         (200±5)mm2  (200±5)mm2   (200±5)mm2  (10±0.2)cm2 (10±0.2)cm2
Measured Header      Digital            Pointer            Digital             Digital         Pointer 

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