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XHL-01HP Horizontal Paper Tensile Strength Tester

The XHL-01 HP Paper Tensile Strength Tester is special in testing paper and paperboard. It's used to test the tensile force, tensile strength, tensile index, elongation, stretch at break, fracture length, tensile energy absorption, tensile energy absorption index....etc.

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Related standard: ISO 1924/2


Technical Parameter of XHL-01HP Horizontal Paper Tensile Strength Tester: 

Test Range: 0-30N (Model A), 0-300N( Model B), 0-500N (Model C), 0-1000N (Model D)
Resolution: 0.01N (Model A), 0.1N( Model B), 0.1N (Model C), 0.1N (Model D)
Accuracy: Better than 1%
Range of extension: (0-215)mm
Accuracy of extension: ±0.1mm
Test Speed: (2-200)mm/min 
Return speed: 450 mm/min
Gauge Length: (10-200)mm  adjustable
Dimension: 670*320*220mm
Weight: 31kg
Power Supply: AC220V,50Hz

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