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XHV-07 Drop Impact Testing Machine

This tester is driven by a pneumatic cylinder controlling a single wing structure. It only takes a small space to operate and is ideally suited for testing the impact of cartons, luggage cases, suitcases, electric equipment, etc.

Standard: ISO 2248, JIS Z0202-87

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1. Pneumatic single arm dropping 
2. Machine structure is stable and strong 
3. Motor has brake function to adjust to a precise height 
4. Ball screw transmission

5. Method of adjust the height: motor+Axel

6. Hydraulic pressure buffering device.


Technical Parameter:

Drop Height: 300-1200mm

Specimen max weight: 60kgs

Drop panel area: 1000×1500mm

Outside dimension:1000x1500x2030mm

Weight: 250kgs

Power: 220V, 50Hz

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