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XHV-13 Paper Bekk Type Smoothness Tester

Bekk Smoothness tester is designed according to the Bekk type smoothness testing principle.Equipped with high-precision sensor and imported oil-free vacuum pump. It is the essential testing instrument for the industry and department of papermaking ,inspection&research to test the smoothness of paper and cardboard.

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 Standards: ISO 5627  

1. Adopt imported high precision sensor and oil-free vacuum pump, low noise, high precision.
2. Rapid measurement: Choose small volume to measure, the measuring time is only one-tenth of large volume. In this way can save much measuring time and realize the rapid measurement.
3. Adopt imported electromagnetic valve and stainless steel vacuum chamber, good sealing and advanced sealing technology, test results will be much more accurate and stable.
4. Larege LCD display screen, automatic proceed test,  Show the results of
measurement and statistics. Friendly human-computer interface make cooperation
simple and convenient. All are reflected the humanity design thought.

Power supply AC220V±10% 50HZ
Measuring scope (1-9999)s,can be divided to (1-15)s,(15-300)s, (300-9999)s,And the automatic (no more than 200 s)

Time accuracy ±1s within 1000s
Vacuum system volume the bigger volume 380±1ml  the smaller volume 38±1ml
Contact pressure 100±2Kpa
Vacuum scope I. 50.66-29.33 Kpa
 II. 50.66-48.00 Kpa
 III. 50.66-48.00 Kpa
Air volume (50.66kpa down to 48.00kpa) Big vacuum volume 10.00±0.20ml
Small vacuum volume 1.00±0.05ml
Dimension 300*370*420mm
Net weight 37kg

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