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Schopper, Bendtsen, Gurley Paper Air Permeability Tester

XHV-26 Paper Air Permeability Tester adopt high technology to measure paper air permeability, it meet schopper method, bendtsen method and gurley method.

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Providing the constant pressure difference between two sides of the specimen, the air permeability could be obtained by measuring the air flux through specific area in the certain time.


Standard: ISO 5636-2, ISO 5636-3, ISO 5636-5. ISO 2965.



1. Adopt important USA chip and load sensor to make test accurately.

2. The whole test is fully automatic, fast and accurate.

3. The instrument is controlled by micro-computer, with LCD menu interface which is convenient for customers to operate or view test data.

4.  Micro-printer, fast and clear printing.


Technical Parameter:

Measurement range: 0-5000mL/min0.01-100μm/(Pa•s)

Resolution: 0.01μm/Pa.s

Test area:10+/-0.2cm2

linearity error: ≤3%

Pressure difference: 0.05kPa-10 kPa (random setting)

Power: AC 220V, 50Hz

Weight: about 30kgs



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