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XHV-09 Brightness and Color Tester

Application :

Paper, Board, Pulps, Chemical fiber, Textile, Plastic, Ceramic, Enamel, Salt, White cerement, Porcelain clay , carbon black and French chalk  etc .


Standard :

 ISO2469, ISO2470, ISO2471

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Use :

1. Make measurement of colour and colour difference reflected by materials.
2. Make measurement of ISO brightness (Blue Whiteness R457)and degree of whiteness for Fluorescent whitener.
3. Make measurement of CIE whiteness (Ganz whiteness W10 and Colour cast value Tw10) Make measurement of whiteness of building materials and non-metallic
4. Make measurement of Hunter system Lab and Hunter (Lab) whiteness reflectance factor.
5. Make measurement of yellowness.
6. Make measurement of opacity, transparency, light scattering coefficient and light absorbing coefficient.
7. Make measurement of ink absorption.


Technical Parameter:


1. Simulate D65 illuminator to illuminate. Adopt CIE 1964 supplementary standard colorimetric system and CIE 1976(L*a*b) colour space and colour difference formula.
2. Adopt d/o illuminating--geometrical viewing conditions. Diameter of the globe of diffusion is 150mm and diameter of the testing hole is 25mm. Light absorber is provide to eliminate the effect of mirror reflection.

3. Test repeat :σ(Y10)<0.1,σ(X10、Y10)<0.001。
4. Accuracy:△Y10<1.0,△X10(△Y10)<0.01。
5. Specimen dimension:test area≧Φ30mm,thickness≦40mm。
6. Power:170~250V,50Hz,0.3A。
7. Test condition:temperature 10~30℃,relative humidity≦85%。

8. Package Dimension and Gross Weight : 520(L)mm×360(W)mm×600(H)mm,30kg


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