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XHV-15 Schopper Pulp Beating Freeness Tester

Pulp beating freeness tester is designed to determine the rate of drainage of a dilute pulp suspension and express it in terms of the Schopper-Riegler(SR) value. The tester obeys the related prescriptions mentioned in ISO 5267/1 and GB3332.

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The Schopper-Riegler test is designed to provide a measure of the rate at which a dilute suspension of pulp may be dewatered. It has been shown that the drainability is related to the surface conditions and swelling of the fibre, and constitutes a useful index of the amount of mechanical treatment to which the pulp has been subjected.

Technical Parameter:

Measuring range: 0-100 °SR

The division value of the reading measuring cylinder :1°SR

Draining time for the outgate : (149+/-1)s

Residual volume: (7.5-8)ml

Dimension: 250*450*1180mm

Weight: 40kgs

Standards: ISO 5267/1, GB/T 3332 and QB/T 1054

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