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XHV-12 Paper Cobb Absorption Tester

The instrument is designed according to GB/T1540-1989 , ISO535 (Cobb paper and cardboard absorbency method), which is used to test the absorbency of paper and cardboard, but not applied to valuate the writing capability of paper and cardboard.

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Technical parameters:

1.Test area: (100±0.2)cm2
2.Experimental water: (100±5)ml
3.Roller Length: (200±0.5)mm
4.Roller weight: (10±0.5)kg
5.Size: 395×280mm×400mm

6.Weight: 30kgs

Determination of water absorption by paper / cardboard

60 seconds COOB index

Supplied with the necessary accessories: roller, scale, COBB sample cup.

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