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XHV-04 Corrugated Board Puncture Tester

The Resistance Tester is the Puncture Resistance Tester for kinds of cardboard such as boxboard an Corrugated cardboard, according to the national standard.

Standard: ISO 3036

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The puncture strength is the energy that the puncture produces recur to he kinetic energy of the oscillating body. The tester is composed mainly by the rack equipment, splinting devices, pendulum devices, release devices and components such as control box, its shape the structure of a diagram.

Equipment with compact structure and function of the whole, easy to operate, stable performance, reliable security features, It is the necessary equipment of Inspection for production enterprises, research units and departments of Quality Supervision.


Technical Parameter:

Measuring range: (1-48J), four scales

Indicating error: Ruler A: ±0.05J   Ruler B: ±0.1J Ruler C: ±0.2J Ruler D: ±0.5J

 (Within 20%-80% at each measurement)

Pinter friction: <0.25J

Pendulum shaft friction and air resistance: >120times (Measured by the number of arm swing)

Characteristic size of pyramid: Triangular pyramid side length (60×60×60)mm Height: (25±0.7)mm  Edge fillet radius(1.5±0.1)mm

Power Supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz

Size: 860mm×490mm×790mm

Weight: 140kg

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