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XHV-01B Paperboard Tearing Strength Tester

Paperboard tearing strength tester is the determination of tear strength of paper, paperboard, a special instrument, the instrument is mainly used for the determination of Tearing the paper can also be used for a lower degree of determination of tearing strength of cardboard.

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High Accuracy
Release the pendulum bob automatically, high testing efficiency;
LCD screen operation system;
Check or delete the testing records randomly;
Micro-printer, fast and clear printing;
Calculate, count and print the testing result automatically
Can be connected to PC and output results with our professional software.
With our calibration weights, user can calibrate the machine easily.


Technical Parameter:


Testing range: 100-16000mN 
Min. Resolution: 0.1mN
Display accuracy: +/-1%
Tearing force arm:104+/-1mm

Tearing initial angel: 27.5°+/-0.5°
Paper clipper distance: 2.8+/-0.3mm
Specimen cut length: 20+/-0.5mm
Output communication: RS232 interface
Printer: Thermal Printer
Power: 220V, 50Hz
Outer Dimension: 450×330×440 mm  

Weight: 20Kgs

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