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XHV-IGT Ink Printablity Tester

XHV-IGT Ink Printablity Tester is designed according to IGT testers, used for simulating printing process, such as evaluate ink absorption, printing surface gloss..etc.
The results of XHV-IGT can match with AIC 2-5, IGT A1-3 and A2-3 from IGT, the machine is also equiped with high speed ink unit, ink pipette, ink viewing light, aluminum printing discs..etc

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Standard: ISO3782, TAPPI 514/575,SCAN P 63:90.

Technical Parameter of XHV-IGT Ink Printablity Tester:

Constant speed: 0.2-5m/s (Adjustable)

Printing force: 0-1000N (Adjustable)

Standard printing force: 350N ±10N

Printing disc dimension: diameter:(65±0.2)mm  width:(10±0.2)mm 

Sector radius:(85±0.2)mm

Speed error: ≤1%

Weight of standard machine: 65kgs

Power:AC220V, 50Hz

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