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XHV-25 Paper and Board Bending Stiffness Tester

Paper and Paperboard Stiffness Tester is used to evaluate the stiffness of paper and cardboard.

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Standard: ISO5628, ISO 2493, TAPPIT556.

Features of bending stiffness tester for paper and paperboard:

Adopt high precision load sensor, the error can be controlled within 1%.

Plastic cover can protect measurement head from damage, can preset angle, stainless steel clamp, long time use.
LCD screen operation system, Aluminum control panel
Check or delete the testing records randomly
Thermal printer, fast and clear printing
Calculate, count and print the testing result automatically
Can be connected to PC and output results with our professional software


Technical Parameter:

 Test range: (0-2000)mN (0-500)mN (20-10000)mN

(0-100) mN.m (0-25) mN.m (1-500)mN.m
Resolution: 0.1mN, 0.1mN, 1mN
Indication Error: ±1% 
Testing speed: 200°/min and 300°/min 
Rated Bend Angle: 0°-90° (random setting)
Load arm length: (5-50)mm (adjustable)
Dimension: 330×340×290mm
Weight: 15 kg

Power:AC 220V/110V

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