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XHV-05 Ink Abrasion Tester

Print abrasion tester is used to test the abrasion performance of presswork printing ink, PS version emulsion layer and surface coating of related products, effective poor anti-rub of print, ink layer coating shedding, poor pressure intensity of PS version, poor coating rigidity of other products and other problems.

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Standard : ASTM D5264, TAPPI T830, JIS K570-1p


Technical Parameter:


Display: LED Display
Friction Load : 2LB 4LB
Friction Speed: 21. 43. 85. 106 CPM 4 kinds of adjustable speed
Min Specimen Size: 230×50mm
Friction Area: 50×100mm
Friction Travel: 60mm
Counter Setting: 0-9999 automatic stop.
Power: 220V 50Hz
Dimension: 300×330×410mm

Weight: 35kg

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