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XHV-03-5 Vertical Fluter Concora Medium Fluter

XHV-03-05 Medium Fluter is used to determinate of flat crush strength of corrugated paper when pressed standard waveform (i.e., from the flute corrugated base paper), comply with standard: ISO7263: corrugating medium – Determination of flat crush resistance after laboratory fluting.

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Main Technical Parameters of XHV-03-5 Vertical Fluter Concora Medium Fluter:

Working speed: 4.5r/min

Temperature display resolution: 1C

Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.5C

Adjustable temperature range: room temperature - 200 C

Working pressure adjustable range: (49-108) N

Standard working temperature: 175C

Spring tension: 100N

Dimensions: 564mm*377mm*330mm

Power Supply: AC220V, 50Hz

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