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XHS-09 Drop Weight Impact Testing Machine

The  Drop Weight Impact Testing Machines are used for impact test of plastic pipe, sheet metal and products in order to determine Anti-impacts the properties of these

Standard: ISO 3127, ISO4422 .


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This testing machine adapts digital control technology for control part, which can ensure
that figure setup, adjusting zero, raising hammer and dropping hammer automatically, and can be effective in preventing secondary impacts.


Technical Parameter:

1. Adopts double pipe structure.

2. Use temperature: 10~35℃

3.Hammer mass: 0.250~15.00Kg

4. Table size : 0~630mm

5.Specimen diameter: 10~630 mm ,tolerance : ±0.5%

6. Hammer radius: d25 . d90

7.Impact height: 0-2000 mm ± 2mm

8.Power supply: AC 380V±10%  5A;2KW

9. Outline size: (L×W×H)650mm×550mm×3600mm

10. Total Machine weight: about 550kg


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