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XHS-07 Oxygen Index Testing Machine

The oxygen indexer is applied to test the combustion capability of homogeneous solid materials, laminated materials, foam, fabric, slice and films. It can test the determination of the percentage of oxygen required for polymer in the combustion process. It is the way of testing the combustion of polymer and a tool of researching the anti-combustion formula.

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Standard:  ISO4589 , ASTMD2863


It adopts imported high precision sensor: digital display, high precision, good recurrence.

Technical parameters:

Measuring range: 0 to 100% O2

Resolution: 0.1% O2

Testing precision: ±0.4% O2

Response time: <10S

Display precision: 0.1±%1 letter

Output excursion: 5%/year

Timer Accuracy :0.5s

Temperature: -10 to +45 degrees Celsius

Relative humidity : ≤ 85%

Power: 220V, ±15%, 50Hz, 100W

Gas: industrial gaseous oxygen , industrial gaseous azotes

Two bottles of gas both need booster

Input pressure: 0.245 to 0.4mPa

Working pressure: 0.1mPa

Dimension : 360mm×250mm×530mm


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