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XHS-05 Differential Scanning Calorimetry

DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter  has intelligence, small size, low  price three greatest characteristics of thermal analysis instrument according to Test Method for Oxidative Induction Time of Polyolefins by Thermal Analysis.

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Differential Scanning Calorimetry is used to measure and research the following characteristics of material:Melting and crystallization, glass transition, thermal stability ,oxidation induction period OIT, the polycrystalline compatibility, reaction heat, enthalpy and melting point of material, thermal stability, crystallinity, phase transition, specific heat, the liquid and crystal changes, curing degree, reactionkinetics, purity, identification of materials, etc.


Standard of Differential Scanning Calorimetry: ISO/TR10837, ASTM D3895,  ASTM E 967,

ASTM E 968, ASTM E 793, ASTM D 3895, ASTM D 3417, ASTM D 3418, ISO 11357-6, etc. 


Characteristics of Differential Scanning Calorimetry :      

Small size of body

It can quickly rise, reduce the temperature

High resolution A/D(24 bits) data sampling.  
Intelligence temperature controller of the microprocessor system, the accuracy of the constant temperature can reach to 0.1℃ over a long period of time because using Pt100
platinum electric resistance and intelligence temperature controller.

Adopt numerical mass flow-meter.

High accuracy low drift amplifier.

Differential Scanning Calorimetry is including data processing system and software.


Technical Parameter of Differential Scanning Calorimetry : 


1. DSC range: 0-+/-500mW

2. Temperature range: room temperature - 800 ℃ air-cooled

3. Heating rate: 1-80 ℃ / min

4. Temperature resolution: 0.1 C

5. Temperature fluctuations: 0.1C

6 Temperature repeatability: 0.1C

7. DSC noise: 0.01μW

8. DSC resolution:  0.01μW

9. DSC accuracy: 0.1 u W

10. DSC sensitivity: 0.1 u W

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