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XHS-15 Vicat Softening Temperature and HDT machine

The XHS-15 thermal deformation, Vicat softening point temperature tester is mainly used for the determination of temperature of thermal deformation and Vicat softening point to nonmetallic materials(such as plastic, rubber, nylon, electric insulating materials, etc.

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Product features
1. Computer collects temperature fluctuation and controls overall process, real time displays temperature, deformation curve, CRT color curve display, prints the test result automatically.
2. The software adopts menu operation and crypto guard, which makes operation of users more practical.
3. Digital process, computer and meter display real-time temperature at the same time, which makes the system more reliable.
5. Excel report forms can be automatically compiled and meet with the require ments of customer.


ISO75 Plastics-Determination of temperature deflection under load
ISO 306 Plastics-Thermoplastics materials -Determination of Vicat softening

Technical Parameter:

Operating temperature: Ambient temperature to 300C 
Heating rate:(120±10℃/h(12±1℃/6min)  50±5℃/h(5±0.5℃/6min)
The Max. Temperature Error: 0.5℃ 
Range of deformation: 0-2mm
Max deformation Accuracy: 0.001mm 
Test Station: 3/6 
Heating Medium: Methyl silicon oil 
Cooling Method: Natrual cooling or fast water cooling
Heating Power: 4kW 
Power Supply: 220V  50Hz


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