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XHS-17 Dart Impact Tester

The dart impact tester can be used in testing the chracters of film by quality control department, research and development department, laboratories, film users and so on.

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The dart impact tester adopt electromagnetic suspension, it conforms to ISO 7765, ASTM D1709, apllies to method A and method B, it has anti-rebound function.

Technical Parameter:

1.Impact energy: 30J
2.Impact height: Method A is 660mm and Method B is 1500mm
3.Mass of the dart: 50g-2000g, increasing by 5g
4.Radius of dart:  Method A: R19±1mm Method B: 25±1mm
5.Outside diameter of the clamp: 150mm, inside diameter of the clamp: 125mm
6.Dimension: 650mm×600 mm×2300mm
7.Weight: 140kgs

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