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XHS-04 Hazemeter

The hazemeter is suitable for testing solid and liquid material’s light transmission and haze degree. Such as for plastic film, glass, any transparent,s emitransparent material, water, oil.


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Standard: ASTM D1003 (2007) JISK7105


Specification :


1.Optical system:

Collimation illumination, diffusion viewing-field, and integrating sphere receiving method.

Range of illumination:

Transmission: Φ15mm

Reflection: Φ14.2mm

Size of sample window:

Transmission: Φ25mm

Reflection:  Φ21mm

Light source: C light source  (tungsten-halogen lamp + color temperature filter). (A light Source can be ordered)

Receiver: Silicon photocell + view function modification plate [conforming to V(λ) standard value].


2.Electronic system:

LED digital display

The minimum reading: Luminous transmittance: 0.1%

Haze: 0.01%

BCD code serial output print interface

Microprocessor-based automatic operating system: haze/luminous transmittance automatic change-over, automatic test,  and automatic correction.

Microprocessor-based data processing system; and multiple continuous measuring average value display.

3.Measuring range:

Luminous transmittance:        0—100.0%

Haze: 0—30.00%

4. Sample size:

Solid testing sample size: 50mm×50mm

Solid large sample size:

Width:     ≤380mm Thickness: ≤130mm

Length: not limited

Liquid cell size: 50mm × 50mm × 10mm

Film sample size : 50mm×50mm


5. Inspection sample: Φ40mm×2mm ( 1 piece)


6. Others:

Dimension of the instrument: 740mm(L)×270mm(W)×300mm(H)

Net weight of the instrument: 30kgs

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz (110V, 60Hz) single phase

Environmental condition:  10--50ºC

Main Specifications: Preheat time: 30minutes

Accuracy: Luminous transmittance: 1%

Haze: H≤0.5%  0.1%

H>0.5%  0.3%

Repeatability : transmittance: 0.5%

Haze : H≤0.5%  0.05%

H>0.5%  0.1%


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