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Jinan Xinghua Instruments Co.,Ltd
Address:No. 9 Jian Street Jinan Shandong China
Website: http://www.xhinstruments.com

XHS-38 Aging Oven

The XHS-38 Aging Oven is used for heating aging experiment of plastic materials(rubber, plastic), the electric insulation and other materials in scientific and research departments and factories. 

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Technical parameters:

1. The maximum temperature: 300°C

2. The temperature fluctuation: ±1ºC

3. Rotate speed of the turntable: 11r/min~12r/min

4. The size of workroom: 450mm×450mm×450mm

5. Quantity of heaters: 2 Pcs

6. Rated power: 2.2kW

7. Power supply: AC220V±10%  50Hz

8. Dimensions of the instrument: 850mm×760mm×1350mm

9. Net weight: 220Kg

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