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XHS-01B Digital Charpy and Izod Impact Testing Machine

The impact testing machine is used for test engineering plastics, glass-steel, ceramics, casting stone, plastic wiring, insulating material, plastic pipe material and other non –metallic materials for anti- impact intensity.

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The products satisfy the standard demands of ISO 179, ISO 180, GB/T 1043, GB/T 1843, ASTM D256,DIN53453,GB18743,ISO9854,DIN12608 and others. Each type has both electronic type and pointer type. The electronic type adopts raster -display technique of measuring circle angle, with the characteristics of high precision, good stability and wide range of measuring, digital display of testing split strength, impact intensity, fore-elevation, ascending angle, automatic correcting average value of one group for energy losing.


Technical Parameter:

Distance between clamps:  40mm  60mm  70mm  95mm (Adjustable)

(Izod) Impact energy:    1J  2.75J  5.5J  11J  22J     impact speed: 3.5m/s

(Charpy)Impact energy:  1J  2J  4J  5J  7.5J  15J  25J  50J

Impact speed: 2.9m/s and 3.8m/s

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