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XHS-08 Coefficient of Friction Tester

The coefficient of friction tester is mainly applying in testing the static and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet. It is controlled by computer, measures and displays automatically the friction coefficient with reliable performance, high accuracy and multi-function. 

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Characteristics : 

Micro-computer control, fully digital automatic system, LCD displays friction force during the test and display static and dynamic friction coefficient as test results.

Aluminum alloy operation panel, adopt high precision load cell.

Special drive system design to make test smoothly, test is more accurate.

Have statistical analysis function, also can be connect to PC to display testing graphs.

Fast speed mini-printer to print out the test results.


Standard: ISO8295 ,GB10006, ASTM D1894 ,TAPPIT816

Technical parameters:

Measurement range: 0-5N

Dimension of slider: 63 x 63mm

Weight of slider:200±2g

Dimension of working plate: 170 x336mm 

Testing accuracy: +/-1% 

Speed of slider: 100+/-10 mm/minTravel of slider: 0-150mm (adjustable)

Dimension of shape: 500 x 335 x 220mm 

Weight: 30kg

Power: 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz


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