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XHS-37 Mooney Viscometer

Mooney Viscometer conforms to the requirements of GB/T1232 Determination of Nonvulcanized Rubber Mooney Viscosity. GB/T1233 Determination of Initial Vulcanized Characteristics of Rubber Mix Method of Mooney Viscosity Tester, ISO289 and ISO667 and other standards.

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The machine adopts imported intelligent digital temperature controller; adjustment and enactment are easy and convenient; range of the control of temperature is wide.  Mooney Viscosity Tester analysis system applies windows 98/me/NT/XP operating system as the platform. It uses high accurate measuring instrument, with high automation and high intelligentization. Its structure is novel, its technology is advanced; performance is stable. 


Technical parameters:

Range of controlled temperature: Room temperature to 200℃

Fluctuation of temperature :±0.3℃ 

Range of Mooney value : 0 ~200Mooney value

Resolution of Mooney value: 0.1 Mooney value

Accuracy of measurement: ±0.5 Mooney value

Rotary speed of rotator : 2 ±0.02 r/min

Power supply: AC220V± 50Hz 1kWOverall

Dimensions : 660mm×570mm×1300mm

Weight of the mainframe: 210kg

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