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XHF-14 Moisture Regain Oven

Moisture Regain and Moisture Content Oven is used to test the moisture content and moisture regain of all kinds of textile material and production.

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Moisture Regain and Moisture Content Oven adopting high accuracy, imported electronic balance, guaranteeing the accuracy of testing result. The eight-basket oven manual weigh and memory. Manual calculation.


Technical Parameters of Moisture Regain Oven:

Ventilated style: Forcing hot air to convect

Drying time: <40min (cotton)

Temperature range: Room temperature~150℃

Temperature accuracy: ±1℃

Balance range: 200g, 0.01g

Wind seed close to sample: >0.5m/s

Dimensions: 1080×800×1350mm(L×W×H)

Power: AC380V,2.75k

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