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XHF-53 Heat Shrinkage Testing Machine

This instrument is developed to accurately test the hot air thermal shrinkage property (shrinkage rate & shrinkage force) of tire cord, yarn, polyester, cotton thread and textile and etc. under a certain temperature by using high-precision temperature control system and measuring system. 

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Standard: ASTM D4974-02,GB/T 9102-2003,GB/T 9101-2002,GB/T 19390-2003.


1. This instrument is used to test both shrinkage rate and shrinkage force.

2. Temperature module is adopted to collect temperature, an in-built thermoelectric couple is installed inside and output heater is controlled by a PID controller. Also can auto set heating temperature, heating speed..etc.

3. Real time testing data is displaied on the LCD screeen, Date storage function is settled to seek multi-group test results and compute the results according to certain formula.

4. PLC reads signal from the encoder system, draws curve on the touch screen. Storage data of previous tests can be viewed and printed.

5. One mini printer is installed to print shrinkage ratio value, shrinkage force value.


Technical Parameter:

Heating range: Room temperature- 250℃

Sample length: 250±1mm

Temperature accuracy: ±0.1℃

Shrinkage accuracy: 0.1%Timer range: 0~60min

Shrinkage force range: 0~250N

Shrinkage force accuracy: 0.1N

Power: AC 220V, 50Hz

Weight: 22kg


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