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XHF-R Laboratory Stenter

The Laboratory Stenter is suitable for drying, fixing, and curing fabric samples after dyeing or impregnating with low /high humidity contents up to 90%. 

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1.Setting time is controllable, automatically feeding and discharging(Automatic feed - Automatic Chronograph - Automatic discharge and alarm)

2.High Temperature Accuracya)Hot air cycle and uniformly spread; Temperature variations is smallb) Regulated by temperature controlling   computer PID made by RKC Japan with high temperature accuracy, the accuracy reach ± 1% between the range from 80℃ to250℃ 

3. Capacity of adjusting up and down air ratio according to special setting requirement. 

4. Special pin frame design and suitable for the plain weaving fabric and knitted fabrics, particularly for the fabric with retroactivity or hosiery, Special requirements have the right after the test organization, is the use of this tension and the needle plate rack to give achieve. 

Machine specifications: 

1.Made of stainless steel except main frame.

2.Digital display, with automatic regulation RKC PID temperature controller, one group of PT100 probe

3.Use Timer with digital display, time setting from 1 to 9999 seconds.

4.Electric heating rate is about 8 ℃ / MIN 

5.Power: 380ACV x 3HP x 6.5KW 

6. Include 2 sets of Bi-directional needle plate

7. Machine Dimension: 1340mm x 680mmx 380mm

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