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XHF-52 Oscillatory & Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester

XHF-52 Oscillatory & Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester is to determineabrasion resistance of fabrics when rubbedagainst a standard abradent or a wire mesh screen with a backward and forward motion over a curved surface.

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Technical Parameter:                                            

Standard: ASTM D 4157

Test Head: 4

Rubbing Head: Rubber pressure head, 50x50mm,camberd R100mm

Testing Speed: 90±1 r/min

Abrasion Platform: cambered surface: R80mm, Length: 300mm

Abrasion Stroke: Cambered Length: 76±2mm

Specimen Tension Force: 4LB (17.8N)(Adjustable

)Sample Load: 3LB(13.4N)(Adjustable)

Specimen Dimension:73mmx245mm

Number of Specimen: 12, warp wise: 6, weftwise: 6

Tension adjust weights: 340g

Load regulation weights: 150g

Counter: electronic counter

Vacuum Cleaner: ≤4cfm

Dimension: 50x70x55cm (W×D×H)

Weight: Approx 60KG

Power: AC 220V 50Hz 3A

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