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XHF-44B De Mattia Flexing Tester

XHF-44B De Mattia Flexing Tester is used  for the assessment of the resistance of coated fabrics to damage by repeated flexing under De Mattia method.

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Standard: BS 3424 P9, ISO 7854


Technical Parameter:

1. Clamps: 6 Groups

2. Clamp width: outer 22mm

3.  Travel distance: 57+0.5mm

4. Distance between clamps: Max. 70mm+/-1mm, Min. 13mm+/-0.5mm

5. Specimen dimension:  (37.5+/-1)mm×125mm

6. Dimension: 400mm×360mm×550mm

7. Weight: 40kgs

8. Power: 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ 

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