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XHF-55 Zipper Fatigue Tester

This zipper tester experiments the zipper under crosswise and the longitudinal tensity, whether to withstand reciprocation of the stipulation number of times to draw the operation. When experiment this aircraft drives the zipper by the constant speed to pull the head, makes each minute 30 next best reciprocal motion, to number of times of up to the stipulation. 

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Standards:  CNS -1083, BS 3084,  ASTM D2061

Technical Parameter:

Repeat route: 75mm

Clamp dimension: 25mm

Vertica weight: 0.28-0.34kg

Distance between two clamp devices: 6.35mm

Specimen open Angle: 60 deg

Specimen close angle: 30 deg

Speed: 30cpm

Counter: 0~999, 999

Dimension: 400× 320× 900mm  
Weight: 40kg

Power: 110V/220V

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