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XHF-HS (12/24) High Temperature Sample Lab Dyeing Machine

XHF-HS High temperature sample lab dyeing machine is  suitable for lab and factory dyeing and washing fastness test, etc.


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1. Humanistic Design, Easy to operate and Maintain

2. Inner and outer body is made of  stainless steel S304

3. Beaker can be individually placed or removed

4. Carry out the tests of dispersing, uniformity, liquor ratio, temperature and PH

5. Step dyeing 

6. Different sizes of beaker for various weights of samples, 150ml, 300ml, 450ml, 1200ml, 6000ml 

7. The liquor capacity is from 50ml to 400ml or larger, Sample weight from 2g to 300g 

8. It also apply to the washing fastness tests.


Dyeing Temperature Range:     20-140°C

Heating Rate:     0 -3.5 °C/min

Cooling Rate:        6°C/min

Heating Method: Electric HeatingHeating

Medium: Glycerin

Temperature Controller:  Microprocessor type

Dyepot Position: 12, 24 (standard 450ml) 

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