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XHF- 50 QUV Accelerated Weathering Machine

UV Accelerated weathering test chamber for fast, true reproduction of the sun, rain, dew on the material damage: only a few days or weeks, it can reproduce the outdoors take several months or years to produce damage. Including fading, discoloration, brightness decreased, powder, Crack, blur, embrittlement, strength loss and oxidation.


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Standard: ASTM G154, D4587-91, ISO 11507/4892-3, ASTM 4329, ASTM D4434,  ISO 20340.


Technical Parameter:

1. Dimension of working room: W1140mmXH380mmXD400mm

2. Interior dimaensions : W1300mm×H1440mm×D500mm

3. Lamp center distance :70mm

4. UVA340 ultraviolet range : 315 nm-400nm (UVB313 Ultraviolet Range: 280-320nm)

5.Temperature resolution :0.1C

6.Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5C

7. Temperature uniformity: ±2C

8. Temperature range : room temperature +10C-70C

9. Condensation temperature range :40C-60C

10.Temperature control method :PID temperature control method

11. Adjust range of irradiance: 0.4-1.0W/m2

12. Sink requirements :Water depth is not more than 25 mm, and a water supply to be automatic controller

13. Standard specimen size :75×150mm 

14. Suggest the use environment of the machine :5-35C, 40%-85%R·H, Distance wall 300 mm

15. 8 lamps capacity

16. Specimen capacity: 48 Pcs

18. Water: 8 Liters/Day

19. Power: 220V±10%, 50 Hz single-phase

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