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XHF-49A Fabric Downproof Tester

XHF-49A Downproof Tester, To determine the downproof capability of fabric used for downgarmet, quilt etc, which are full with down, feather and fibers.

Standards: BS EN 12132-1

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Take a agreed size specimen from the fabric to be tested to sew a pocket at specified size , fill with a certain weight of down, feathers or a mixture of both, then sew the fabric up to be a testing bag. Clamp the both sides of the bag in the holder. After test to determine the downproof ability of the fabric by calculating the number of down and feathers through the fabric. Fitted with electronic pre-determined counter to determine the number of cycles per test, acrylic plastic cover with interlock for safety.




Fixture space: 44±1mm

Eccentricity: 25+/-0.5mm

Speed: 135r/min

Sample size: 140x420mm

Infilling : down feathers, feathers or both mixtures

Test times : 2700, adjustable

Counter:, 0 to 99999 time : LED display,

Power 220 /110 V 50/60 Hz 3A

Weight 20Kg

Dimensions 400x370x260 mm(LxWxH)


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