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XHF-102 AATCC Accelerotor

XHF-102 AATCC Accelerotor is used to rapidly determine wet and dry abrasion resistance of flexible materials including textiles, paper, leather and plastics. The tumbling action is provided by a propeller shaped rotor for a predetermined time at a predetermined speed.


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1. Testing speed can be adjusted and digital display.

2. Digital set and display test time.


Standard: AATCC 93


Technical Parameter:


Testing Speed: Max 3500 rpm

Rotor: S- Shape, Length : 114mm

Time Counting Range: 0.1s-99 H

Internal Size of testing chamber: diameter: 140mm, depth: 70mm

Dimension: 465× 204 × 306mm

Weight: 20Kgs

Power Supply: AC 220v, 50Hz 

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