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XHX-09 Yarn Counting Machine

XHX-09 Yarn count machine works with JA  textile electronic balance is a kind of intellectual measuring instrument with weighing, counting and other many functions. The product introduces imported Integrated circuit and enjoys stable and reliable performance, easy operation and accurate weighing and counting.

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It has: g,oz,tex,Nm,Ne,D,g/m2,oz/yd2,kinds of the units to change.

99 weight can be stored at any time for any inquiries, number of values to exclude or additional survey.

It can print the date, time, kind of long, each weighing value, calculated MIN (minimum), MAX (maximum), SUM (sum), AV (average), CV%(non-uniform rate) and ETC


Working Condition:

Working Temperature:           0 -40C

Maximum Consumed Power:     5W

Power Supply: Adaptor  input -220V±10%, 50HZ±1HZ Output- 9v, 300mA

Comparative Humidity:            50﹪-85﹪

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