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XHX-12 Yarn Evenness Tester

XHX-12 Evenness Tester is a kind of universal high-performance textile lab instrument. It is used for testing yarn unevenness and hairiness variety, which is suitable for cotton, wool, silk, flax, chemical short fiber spinning and blended yarn. It is very important to improve and guarantee yarn quality.

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Technical Parameter:


1.Testing range: 4tex-l2ktex

2.Yarn testing speed8 m/min,25 m/min,50 m/min,100 m/min200 m/min, 400 m/min, 800 m/min

3.Testing time freely set between 10s-20min

4.Coefficient of Variation(CV%) or Unevenness (U%) and CV (1) V-L curveCV% or U% value testing range: 0.20%~99.99%V-L curve  cutting length 1cm~1000m

5.Deviation Rate (DR%) and DR curvereference length and threshold 20cm,+35%; 20cm,-30%; 1m,+5%; 1m,-5%

6.Faults valueoutput faults value of twelve levels sensitivity at same timethin places   -30%,  -40%,  -50%,   -60%thick places  +35%,  +50%,  +70%,  +100%neps       +140%,  +200%, +280%,  +400%

8.Spectrogramspectrogram measurable wave-length range 1cm-2000m spectrum channels 170

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