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XHF-LFY Yarn Friction Tester

Introduction: Yarn Friction Tester is used for testing the dynamic frictional coefficient of all kinds of yarns.

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Characteristic :

1. Adopt winch way ( Rolor method )test theory 

2. DC Motor as the traction of constant speed .

3. Computer controlled ,process the data automatically


Standards :ASTM D 3108

Technical Parameter: 

Measuring range : 0-500cN+/-1%

Friction angle : 0 degree-360 degree

Testing speed: 20m/min or 110/min

Range of friction coeffcient: 0<u<1

Display content : frictional coefficient ,pre-tension,dynamic curve, speed

Data output type:  Printing

Range of pre-tension : 0-24cN

Dimension : 430 × 450 × 470mm (L × W × H)

Weight : 48kgs

Power supply : AC220V 50Hz 300W

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