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XHL-02D Single Yarn Strength Tester

Yarn Strength Testing Machine  is used to determine the breaking load and elongation of single yarns, core-spun yarn etc.

Standard:  ISO 2062, ASTM D2256, DIN53842.1, DIN53835.2, KS K0409, BS1932.Pt.2.

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1. Working pattern: CRE principle, controlled by both computer and LCD display, professional software supports.

2. Large LCD can record, browse detail results and print results by printer

3. With memory function when power interrupt

4. Time fixing tensile: 10s or 20s

5.  With memory function when power interrupt, and up to 300 groups data storage

6. The machine adopts contactless relay, stable performance, reliable

7. Gauge length and tension speed presettable

8. Able to set pre-tensile force


Technical Parameter: 


Force measurement range  : 0-3000cN, 0-5000cN, 0-12000cN (Optional, also can be customized)

Gauge length: 250mm±1mm   500mm±1mm

Pretension: 1cN~100cN

Elongation: when at 250mm gauge length, max elongation is 220% when at 500mm gauge length, max elongation is 80%

Accuracy: Within ±1% of indication force

Tensile Speed: 50mm/min-1500mm/min

Testing times: 1-200 times random setting

Interval print: 2-60 times random setting

Tex: 1~999.9 randome setting

Power: AC220V±10%   50Hz, 180W

Dimension: 1295mm×550mm×450mmWeight: 100kg

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