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XHX-06B Yarn Examining Machine

Yarn Examining Machine applies to assess the evenness, hairiness, neps and other imperfections in a representative sample of various yarn wound at a pre-determined yarn density onto a quadrate/tapered black board.

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Standard: ASTM  D2255



1. Driven by synchronous motor, and digital controlling circuit, ensure uniform pitch during atest. 

2. Various pitch to satisfy comprehensive requirements of different yarn linear density.

3. Equipped with alternative pre-tension Auto-stop function.Adjustable winding speed.

Technical Parameter

1. White and Black board size : 575mm×250mm×160mm×3mm  

2. Reeling  density:7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 19 wraps/cm ×4photogrrraphic 20/45mm 7steps

3. Rotate Speed: 0-350mm/min ( Adustable)

4. Power supply:  AC220V, 50Hz

5. Dimension: 1065mm×460mm×270mm 

6. Weight: 28Kg  

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