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XHL-02F Fully Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester

XHL-02F Fully Automatic Yarn Strength Testing Machine  is used to determine the breaking load and elongation of single yarns, core-spun yarn etc. 

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1. Working pattern: CRE principle, controlled by both computer and LCD display, professional software supports.

2. Large LCD can record, browse detail results and print results by printer

3. Fully programmable to give breaking load, elongation, CV% of load, elongation and tenacity values..etc.

4. Time fixing tensile: 10s or 20s

5.  With memory function when power interrupt, and up to 999 tests on each sample

6. The machine adopts contactless relay, stable performance, reliable

7. Gauge length and tension speed presettable

8. Able to set pre-tensile force

9. Can Connect Computer to output detail report, control by both LCD panel or computer. 

10. Use American Celtron load cell and American Paker Servo motor, low friction ball bearing screw 

11. Automatic sample loading from the cops as program.

12. Automatic zero-setting after each test.

13. Penumatic Gripping, the clamp force can be adjusted

14. Creel for robbions, can test 20 pcs cops at the same time.

15. Force and elongation can be measured at any point of the curve 

16. Have waste box.

Technical parameters:

1. Interchangeable load cells with capacity: 0-3000CN, 0-5000CN, 0-12000CN

2. Linear deviation 0.05% Resolution: 1CN

3. Load cell accuracy class 0.05% 

4. Gauge length: 250mm±1mm   500mm±1mm

5. Pretension: 1cN-100cN

6. Elongation: when at 250mm gauge length, max elongation is 220% when at 500mm gauge length, max elongation is 60%

7. Accuracy: Within ±1% of applied force

8. Tensile Speed: 50mm/min-5000mm/min

9. Tex: 1-999.9 randome setting

10. Working pressure: 0.4Mpa-0.8Mpa

11. Power: AC220V±10%  50Hz

12. Dimension: 1295mm×550mm×450mm

13. Weight: 100kg

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