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XHF-87 Water Vapour Permeability Tester

The sample is fixed on the opening of a test bottle containing a certain amount of solid desiccant. In a conditioned environment, the test bottle was placed in a strong air stream in the rotation test bottle, the bottle let the desiccant in constant motion, the test bottle was weighed after rotation, the sample is measured the mass of the desiccant absorbing water vapor.

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Standard: EN ISO 14268, ISO 17699, EN ISO 20344, EN 13515, IUP 15, EN 420-6.3, EN ISO 20344

Technical Parameter:

Circular opening and diameter of the neck of jar: 30mm

Sample rotation speed: 75+/-5rpm

The jars axes parallel to the axle of the disc at a distance: 67mm

Jars Quantity : 6

Ventilation system: 3 blades rotating at 1400+/-100 rpm

The blades dimension: 90mm×75mm

Power: 200V,-240V 50/60Hz

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