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XHF-82 Maeser Dynamic Water-Proof Tester

Maeser dynamic water-proof tester m/c supplier is used standard steel ball placed in the interrior ofleather, and in this way to do water-proof and twist testing. 

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Testing before need to set the number of reverse and automatically shut down when the number arrive, the machine is equipped with a sensor, when the water infiltrate into the interior of leather, it will automatically stop counting time, and display the time of twist.


Technical Parameter:

Specimen Number: 4 groups

Specimen Size: 4 "x4" ± 0.125 "(101.6 × 101.6 ± 3.2mm)

Ball total weight (Load): 135 ± 5gs

Ball size: 1 / 8 "× 3mm

Testing displacement: 30 ± 1 ° 

Testing speed: 90°±5cpm

Counter: LCD display, 0~999,999

Dimension : 490mm×450mm×450mm

Weight: 55kg

Power supply: AC220V/110V  50HZ/60Hz 

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