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XHF-30B Low Temperature Bally Flexometer

The low bally flexometer is used to test the flexural endurance of leather ,fabric , rubber, etc under cold environment.  

Standard: ASTM-D1790, D1593,1052, JIS-K6545, HB-T2877, CNS-7705, ISO20344

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The material of inner side and outside of test chamber: SUS #304 Stainless Steel

Temperature range: RT--20℃

Protection:Thermal shutdown protection, electricity leakage protection, over-temperature shutdown protection, overload protection and other functions.

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3℃,

Evenly distributed Accuracy: ±0.1℃,

Cooling rate: RT--20℃ /50 min

Refrigerant: R404 Environmental protection Refrigerant

Compressor: Tecumseh, France

Insulation Material: hard foam and glass wool

The sealing material of the door: High tension parking temperature resistance-90-280 ℃

Window: Multilayer vacuum glass


Technical Parameter:

Working Position : 12 or 6 (Bally Flexing)

Flexing Angle : 22.5 Degree

Speed: 100±5 CPM

Sample Size: 70×45mm

Counter: LCD,0~999,999

Power: Single Phrase  220V, 50Hz,30A

Power Consumption: 4-6KW

Working chamber size: 600×600×500mm

Dimension: 1200mm×1100mm×1600mm



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