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XHF-38B Whole Shoe Flexing Machine

Cut a specified length on the completed footware or sole, then mount it on the flexing machine to do flexing test under a certain angle and speed, measure the extended cutting length of sole, it is also useful accessing problems associated with bottom construction.

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Standard: GB/T 3903.1-2008  Footware-General test methods-Flexing resistance

Technical Parameter:

Fixture: 2 groups

Bending angle: 50 ° ± 1 ° (0 ° ~ 55 ° adjustable) 

Test speed:  230 ± 10r/min (100r/min-300r/min adjustable)

Dimension of main machine: 75×75×110cm 

Dimension of control box: 32×32×106cmWeight: 278kg

Standard configuration:

Shoe Flexing machine 1 set

Shoe Last: 1 Pair

Cutter: 1 Pc

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