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XHF-37 IULTCS and VESLIC Abrasion Tester

Doing test should be in required pressure, and go to reciprocating abrasion to the surfaces of dyeing leather with prescriptive felt, test required times. There are dry and wet two type of test.

Standard: ISO-11640, SATRA TM173, IUF 450, DIN 4843, EN ISO 20344 (7.3)

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Technical Parameter:

Sample Size: 120mm×20mm

Area of testing head: 15mm×15mm

Movement speed: (40 ± 2) times / min.

Test column: 500g± 25g

Load Piece : 500g±10g

Specimen: 120mm*20mm

Rubbing Track: 35-40mm

Clamp space: Min 80mmSpecimen

Stretch: Max 25%

Counter: LED 0-9999

Dimension: 300×390×450mm

Weight: 30kg

Power: AC 220V 50Hz 

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