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Jinan Xinghua Instruments Co.,Ltd
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Website: http://www.xhinstruments.com

XHF-30 Bally Flexometer

The Bally Flexometer used to test the flexural endurance of leather ,fabric , etc, may test 12 samples or 6 samples, it can be equipped with pre-installed electronic counters to record the number of cycles.

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Technical Parameter of Bally Flexometer :

Working Position : 12 (Bally Flexing) or 6 (Bally Flexing)

Flexing Angle : 22.5 Degree

Speed: 100±5 CPM

Sample Size: 70×45mm

Counter : Digital Display 0-999999

Power : 220V , 50Hz,3A

Dimension : 645×520×340mm (L×W×H)

Weight:70kgfor 12 bally flexing model,61kgfor 6 bally flexing model

Standard : BS-3144, JIS-K6545, CNS-7705, ASTM-D2813, DIN 53351, SATRA TM55, BS EN ISO 20344


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