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XHF-19C Toy Flammability Tester

To test flammability resistance of finery or toy and its decorations of children,to evaluate  the  burning speed and time of the following  kinds of toy.

Standard: EN 71-2, ISO 8124.2, ISO 6941

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Testing for Children clothing (make-up finery) especially cape, flow down clothing and similar
Toys children enterable,such as game tent and playroom
Toys children cuddled, such as stuffing soft toys.
Toys that can be worn, such as mask and wig

Technical Parameter:

1.Ignition of the Time Range:0~99.99S    Precision: 0.01S
2.Continued burning time:0-999.9S     
3.Ignition Fire Mouth Dimension: According to ISO6941 Standard
4. Burner Angle: 45°/90°can be set
5. Dimension: (WxDxH) 99x60x90cm
6. Weight: 45KG

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