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XHF-62 Mouth-actuated Toy Durability Tester


To prevent mouth moving toys or children's mouthpiece has been mistakenly inhaled and cause a choking hazard.
It is Satisfied conditionscreate 295 ±10cm3 gas volume within 5s at least.
Equipped with imported high-precision pressure gauge. The pressure guage use digital display to avoid damage if use pointer display.

Standard: ASTM F963 8.13, EN71-1-05 8.17.

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Technical Parameter:

Alternating blowing and sucking cycles:10 Times
Testing Speed: ≥20r/min
Pressure Gauge: Digital Display, Kpa, positive and negative pressure
Pressure: less than 13.8 kPa
Dimension(WxDxH): 465x600x250mm
Weight(Kg) 32Kg

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