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XHF-70 Kinetic Energy Tester

Toy Kinetic Energy Tester, To determine the kinetic energy of toy that potentially hazardous projections in toy to the skin that might be caused a child fall on a rigid projection, such as unprotected ends of axles, actuating levers, and decorative features.

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Used for testing the kinetic energy of projectile toys, such as testing the speed of bullet discharged from toy guns or catapults. Kinetic energy value is calculated and displayed after discharging of toy through the internal or external testing channel.


Unique construction design and impact appearance, with convenient holder offers a fast, reliable determination.


Technical Parameter:

Display range 0.000001 to 9.999999 sec
Sensor Test Cylinder Inner diameter 64mm (Internal Sensor)
Sensor Distance 152mm(6”)(Internal Sensor)
Projectile Diameter 2mm~35mm (Internal Sensor)
Sensor Distance 25~400mm (external sensor)
Dimension(WxDxH) 45x48x29cm
Weight ≈13Kg
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz 3A

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